Course beginning Sept 2018


This terms theme is "Spring Awake!"and as the theme suggests it should be about new beginnings, rebirth (renaissance), i.e. exciting and new. 

We need you to think of impact, not only in the size of the work but also in the subject matter and composition. 

We would expect you to be as adventurous as you were with 'The Dark Side" only more optimistic and explorative in media and ideas. As usual you can make this very much your own in how you interpret this title OR how you ignore this title altogether. It could be that you approach it in a very literal way, looking at nature and there are any number of artists that you could look at including Georgia O Keefe, David Hockney or Gary Hume. You could explore the notion of re birth, i.e. things being used for another purpose and you could look at Marcel Duchamp's Urinal or Dali's Lobster phone. Everyday objects, sometimes from the past which are given new lease of life in a very different situation than the one that was intended when they were created. Whilst I have been writing this I've had an idea of flags waving and the feelings that can be evoked, encouraging action and stirring emotions. There are many flags to be found in artists work, have a look at Childe Hassam, Jasper Johns, Monet, and Adrian Henri's Kop Painting.

Alternatively and very simply it could relate to yourself trying a new way of working in using a new and unfamiliar medium or style of drawing/painting or your expressing a new interest, either way it is your energy and your input that will be the most important factor in making this next project successful and enabling you to build on past work.